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Self Love

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Loving yourself is so necessary that it's hard to believe we were not taught this in childhood.

I never realized how important this topic was until my cup was completely empty. My daily living now very much includes self love. Letting go of everything and everyone (for me both literally and figuratively) to try to gain some sort of personal perspective on HOW and WHY i was where i was so i could figure out how not to continue the same patterns. I somehow knew intuitively that i needed solitude to figure out some deep and heavy shit. I truly didn't understand the gravity and the implication of the journey i was about to embark on.

For me, self love started very slowly and somewhat conspicuously. I was slowly and methodically reflecting on the things that were influencing my every day reality. It started with a decision to take control of my physical pain with something other than pills, doctors, excuses, and bullshit. I literally started with just bending over to start to relax my very tense and constantly stiff and painful back. I was finding an increased need to keep my body moving. I could no longer just sit hour after hour. This change in behavior and thinking started a chain reaction that lead to an increased awareness of the influences and changes my body was calling for. Intentional movement began and i simply added some music to my walking. This naturally flowed into a desire to improve my eating. I noticed i could no longer due sugar in the amounts i was consuming at that point. Then i started craving fruit. I ate fruit non stop and it was the first time i could really notice something having an effect on my body. Again, this awareness started a chain reaction of changing thoughts.

After some practice and reminders, self love will become quite natural.

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